The silky slip and underwear fetish series

7 Hot ladies and a bonus scene of the very sexy slutty Erica make up volume # 4 of our very popular Slip Teasers series. Slips, sexy panties, stockings and suspenders plus mature hot Lucy in pantyhose and they all want to slip tease you as they know exactly what your fetish is for slips and sexy underwear so they don't let you down slowly they look hot and they act hot too.
Duration: 119 Minutes

Images Captured From The Movie.
Scene 1
Sexy Red  likes to wear nice clothes top and underwear too, sexy slips and panties, saucy suspenders and stockings and really classy high heels so here she is showing off and when she does she gets down and dirty as her hot body wants action when she knows she has an audience . The colourful dress unbuttoned, this lace slip pulled up and her wet horny pussy in her pretty panties wants some attention come and watch the action.
Scene 2
Juicy Lucy gets horny reading about the mile high club and her slip slides up so she can enjoy a play in her hot tight pantyhose and panties. Sexy blonde enjoying a quick play session and the panties and pantyhose have to come down to her ankles to get at her really turned on wet hot pussy, next time go for the extra leg room seats !!
Scene 3
Sexy couple and her other half loves to film her in slips and sexy stockings and stripping and playing with her sexy snatch. Dressed in her everyday clothes with a red slip and stockings on she soon gets to oblige his fantasies as she knows that she can also enjoy the outcome and she is good at the tease, just so well practiced at the art of slip teasing and when her pretty panties come down that hot pussy is well turned on and the sexy session all gets caught on their home movies.
Scene 4
Mature fit Anna in a black satin outfit bit like a slip dress ready for bedroom fun and when a lady like this is dressed to thrill then there is only one place to dream about going after she has teased the arse off you. Anna can stroke all the right places so she not only looks hot she feels hot too and hopefully so do you. Nice sexy silk and lace kit on a very fit horny looking woman.
Scene 5
Busty secretary babe Samantha and Riley talks her into showing off her sexy silky slip and her magnificent breasts and more. Bit reluctant to start with as she didn't know fully what was coming but when she realised that getting her kit off would be fun she got into it and loved it so did Riley he loves talking sexy ladies into getting horny and showing off their sexy kit and all those lovely horny bits that a fit chick has. Sexy silky slip and stockings and Riley is in heaven and the camera roles as he captures the action.
Scene 6
Another triumph for Riley when He found sexy lady Alicia and she is one very fit blonde who likes to wear silky soft lingerie which is right up Riley's street. When she took her jacket off and slipped out of her skirt all that satin silky lingerie did it for Riley and he wanted more and she obliged with the site of her most perfect natural breasts and when she pulled her panties to one side a designer pussy no less. Hot scene with a very naturally sexy lady in sexy slips.
Scene 7
For those who have seen Erica on vol#3 she continues on here and show just how sexy she is when she gets the opportunity to spread her legs and show off her lacy panties under her silky slip. Riley loves it when a sexy chick goes for it and shows off her sexy underwear and even more when she shows off her horny pussy and Erica does not disappoint him.
Erica's bonus scene when Riley asked this hot lady to be a complete slut. Some people like the slutty hard drinking and smoking tart and Erica is very flexible and likes to please plus acting like a slut quite appeals to her especially when she has an audience and I know this scene will be well watched. Erica is Riley's type of girl who just like to use her womanly charms and be Fucking Rude !!



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